There’s a  saying “Love is in the air”. If someone really loves someone there should be something that is known to the person about the person he or she loves. I don’t really understand how a person can love someone if he/she doesn’t know anything about them. However, people says love just happens but if that’s the thing then why do we date, why not just marry  them….(lol)…. it sounds ridiculous right!! sounds ridiculous to me  too, but the thing is what’s the right thing to do…I know we can’t control what we feel but we can control what we do with our feelings.

Love just  don’t ends at love between a boy and a girl but among parents and children, among friends, among families… and above all love shows its pure form in the form of humanity which is rare to be seen I think.  I have a family who I love to death, friends who are like a second family to me and I really feel that love exists in my life because they are there in my life. So,I think,  you don’t really need a man or a woman  to love and for being loved but people who really knows and understand you is sufficient.


21 thoughts on “LOVE

    1. I admire your thoughts and I agree loving yourself is the only thing you need. If you love yourself everyone around you will do!!! Thanks to you too for reading and for the appreciation. It means a lot to me!!! 🙂 🙂


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