Is being beautiful means just your physical appearance? Everybody  knows the answer to this question; A BIG “NO”. But don’t we still judge people on their looks? (Ask yourself once ). LOOKS DOES MATTER. But there is always a limit to everything and there is a limit of being judgmental too. If you accept a person on how does he/she looks then you are not doing injustice to that person but to yourself also.

There are many of us who care about how do we look as in we always ask ourselves (am I looking fat OR  is my attire good). Being conscious about your body is fine but being over-conscious is your stupidity( I’m sorry but I’m just being honest here and I have no intention to criticize or hurt anyone’s feelings). Your personality defines you, and your appearance is just a small part of it.

‘People judge us and we judge people’; this is an understatement. They can judge you on anything be it your looks, your behavior, your habits , your nature or in total your whole personality. It has happened to me too.. (now I think about it, I find it funny), and let me tell you, I don’t open up  to everyone. It happened in my early college days so one time some girl came to me (who I met once or twice)  and said something like  ” you don’t talk to us much who are you showing this attitude to”(I don’t exactly remember the exact words) but yeah you get the point; she judged me even when she knew nothing about me.

“TRUE BEAUTY LIES WITHIN”.  So, Whether you are fat or skinny; tall or short; “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” , or whatever your personality is “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” . DO NOT EVER LET SOMEONE BELITTLE YOU OR MAKE YOU QUESTION ABOUT YOUR OWN  EXISTENCE.  People may judge you and pass rude comments about you. Instead of being depressed about it you should think of it as an opportunity to make your weakness your strength and shut their mouth.

P.S.  All the girls & women out there who think that they are not beautiful. Stand in front of the full length mirror and say these three words “I AM BEAUTIFUL”.Keep saying it and until a beautiful smile does not appear on your face. Now,that would be the moment when you will not just only say it for the sake of it but you will mean it. Trust me, it does work (*smiles*).


15 thoughts on “I AM BEAUTIFUL….

  1. Hi Deepi,
    It’s great you try to improve people’s self-esteem here.
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  2. I don’t know what to say, except I agree wholeheartedly. People do judge! No matter what they say. Looking in the mirror and saying you are beautiful, that’s tough. I tried saying I love you, looking in the mirror and it is very hard. Oh and thank you for being there for me and my blog! Angie

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  3. What a great message to share, everyone is beautiful in their own way xx
    People wil always judge you in everything you do, so we might as well not let what other people think get to us. There will always be someone who disaproves, so we can’t go around wearing ourselves thin in a desperate attempt to please everyone 🙂

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    1. Absolutely right! People will always judge you no matter what! And that’s the truth you cannot please everyone! So, it’s better you just be yourself and let others adjust to you!! 🙂


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