Try Your Best

You.Yes YOU, you try ; you fail, and then you stop trying. NO, don’t stop trying. If you fail at doing something, don’t think that your life has stopped and all your efforts have been in vain . TRY ,I repeat” try” something else, put all your efforts in it.

Life doesn’t give you opportunities every  time. Sometimes,  you have to make your own path to grab the opportunities. You are capable of doing anything. Thomas Alva Edison, the genius, was not born a genius. He worked hard to be the one. He was a drop out,had hearing problems. And he was the one who invented a machine called “phonograph” that could record the sound of someone’s voice and play it back. He faced failure too but didn’t  stop trying.

So, your hard work  & efforts always count. Don’t be scared of trying something else that you are not familiar with. If something doesn’t go well for you don’t loose hope. There is always something more to try. Like I’m trying in blogging (*smiles *).  There is always one thing that you are best & perfect at, you just have to find it. The only difference is, it can be easy for you or it may be hard but eventually, you will find it.

At the end, I would say You try. You  fail. You learn. And the next day, You get up. You again try. One day will come when you will  be throwing a grand party to celebrate  your success.(*Big smile*). So, always Try Your Best.

Thank you!!



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