one line story

The Ultimate End.



“she was looking at the corpse with a smile and people thought she was mad, they didn’t know about the pain he gave her and her body.”

I just couldn’t stop myself for writing this one- liner. It’s the second and final part to “The Hidden Truth”. I felt like there should be  a better ending, so, I wrote this.

I just want to share the message that domestic violence is just not a mere crime to a person but to humanity too. Domestic violence is not just physical but emotional, economic and sexual also.  The brutal reality is that, it still exists and it is a shame that it does. No one deserves this kind of treatment from anyone.

At the end, I would say , ” Break The Silence”. You have the utmost right to live a happy life.




10 thoughts on “The Ultimate End.

  1. Simply by saying the the sufferer must break the silence is not enough, we and our society must assure the victim that her life will be ok after she reports the assault and she will be treated normal and given enough opportunity to start her life again.

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    1. I get your point, but I think that, you have to be first one to stand up for self, if you don’t it seems that you are okay with it which is not the real case and nobody will know anything if you don’t raise your voice. It’s like you have to take the first step to get justice and people will support you.

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      1. Yes the person who is suffering must be the one to stand up that is for sure but the courage to make her do that can be given by people around her, her well wisher. Nobody loves to suffer , they keep quiet because they have some genuine reason behind it.

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      2. I’m sorry but I have a different opinion from yours. I agree that no one likes to suffer and may be they may have a reason. But according to me, you always have a choice to make a decision whether to be stay quiet or fight. Once you decide you face its consequences and if you are willing to get out of your misery nothing can stop you.

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