Two Line Story



“My son will be a great Doctor.” His father exclaimed.

The artist in him shed a thousand silent tears listening to his father.


59 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. It’s a big achievement for me that my work could inspire someone. Thank you so much for honouring me and appreciating my work. Now, you’ve inspired me too to write more and more. I’m so happy that it could help you or inspire you in any way because at the end that is my purpose!! 😊😊
      God bless you!! Be happy!! Be you!! 😊


      1. The key word here is ‘guess’, you’re not sure about it. Talk to them, tell them what you want to do, they will definitely understand you and support you. Try harder, don’t loose hope easily.
        I pray to God for you that you become what you want to be and your loved ones support your decision.
        Best wishes to you dear!! God bless you!!
        Never forget, your efforts are never useless.

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      2. You’re so welcome dear!! Don’t worry too much everything will in its place just try your best!! 😊😊
        I’m glad to have you met here!! Would look forward to see more of your posts!! 😊😊😊

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  1. Children are burdened with expectations. I don’t know why. Just let them excel in their field, right? I don’t know why artists are seem to be something less. Actors, singers, writers, dancers, musicians all are artists. And mahn we owe the creativity of this world to artists.!


      1. Who cares about the world! Live your life the way you want to, be what you want to be. It’s your life, your choice!!😊😊
        God bless you dear!! And if you want to talk about anything, I am here for you! 😊😊
        Be Happy!! Be You!! 😊😊

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  2. I really like this, I think it’s a very high percentage of artists especially could relate to it, even not being an artist most of us find family member questioning our choices and decisions in life. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Josh!! I understand it happens, and I think there’s is a need for mutual understanding between the parents and children, and I’m hopeful that everyone could have the freedom to pursue their dreams with the support of their family!! 🙂 🙂

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