My cure for sadness!

My cure for sadness is a listen to this song. It is a sure-shot remedy to break the straight line of any stiff upper lip into a smile, if not laughter! It’s an old Bollywood song from the movie Padosan. The song has been sung by my favorite singer Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey!
To outwit the hero (Sunil Dutt) who had earlier belted a nice romantic number but then had started acting smart, the heroine (Saira Banu)- still smarting from the insult, brings in her music teacher- Mehmood, and she challenges the hero to do a musical duel with him! The only hitch is the hero is as off-key as it gets and the earlier impressive song he had ‘sung’ was actually ‘playbacked’ by his uncle- a paan-chewing Kishore Kumar from behind! So now the hero has to keep the bearing of their playback singing trickery and still overcome the musical challenge to score points in the heroine’s book.
Mehmood (The Music Teacher)
Saira Banu (The Heroine)
Sunil Dutt (The Hero)


Kishore Kumar (The singer as well as playing the role of uncle)
Here’s the link! And fortunately, I could find the video with subtitles for those who doesn’t understand Hindi language.


Ek Chatur Naar with english subtitles

same song with better video quality without subtitles

Did you like the song? What’s your cure for sadness?  Do share it with me!

Happy Blogging Fellas!!

Have a wonderful day!!


43 thoughts on “My cure for sadness!

  1. I love that you have a cure for sadness!! my cure is music, my artwork and exercise…a few others hehe i really like to cover all of my bases to assure i keep as happie as can be! XO! Great post sweetheart!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maureen!! 😊😊
      That is pretty great, you can cover everything possible. The main point is do what makes you happy!! 😊😊
      I love your cure too, creative and fabulous!! ❤❤❤


  2. My cure for sadness will be firstly to acknowledge my emotions without judging myself for them. It’s easy to think, “This isn’t a big deal, why am I so sad about it?” Instead, I accept my emotions for what they are. This helps me manage them.

    Secondly I make sure I distract myself from ruminating over my sadness. Say like, I go for trips or volunteer at an adventure club or an NGO. Amidst all these, I try to know what’s causing the grief.

    Been ages since I have listened to that song lol. Still drives me crazy :D..

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    1. You have a nice cure. I’d call it a sadness cure therapy! 😃 you know, acknowledge your emotions, think over it but not over thinking, and the different ways for a distraction!😊😊 This actually sounds cool and refreshing!! I love your cure Near!!😊😊
      Hahaha…. It drives me crazy too! And I always have a good laugh listening to this song!!😁😁


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