Two Line Story

The Perfect Match !


“He had the sense.
She had the humor.
Deadly combination and a perfect match.”

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57 thoughts on “The Perfect Match !

  1. When you consider that a human being has the opportunity of being acquainted with only a few hundred people, and out of the few hundred that there are but a dozen or less whom he knows intimately, and out of the dozen, one or two friends at most, it will easily be seen, when we remember the number of millions who inhabit this world, that probably, since the earth was created, the right man has never yet met the right woman.

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    1. a human being, perfectly born with imperfections gets to meet thousands of people in life. Some stay, some leave. Some are close and some are just a mere acquaintance. They live their lives with those imperfections. In this universe, all are perfectly imperfect, they find their perfect one in their imperfections!!

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      1. I never believed even in existence of love let alone the existence of soulmates and for those who believe i have a good history of breaking their belief too so i would rather not

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      2. I don’t know about your story and I don’t know why you believe so. But I do believe in love! It doesn’t matter it has to be with your partner! Love exists! You love your parents, your family, your friends! Does that not count….

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