Quotes #3


Hello my lovely bloggers!!!!! I am again here with some more quotes. This quodophile can’t stop sharing it ever!!!!!!

These are by anonymous.

“If you think you’re ugly;  Please check the mirror again. It could have some dust on it.”

“You hate me! OK. You don’t! That’s OK too. I really don’t care.”

“You don’t need a cigarette to smoke; Just give a sweet smile to your haters.”

“If you think, you know it; Confidence. And if you think, you know it better than others; Overconfidence.”

“Love and money, yeah! That’s fine! FOOD, That’s a must!!!”

Did you like reading these quotes? Do share it with me!!!

Have A Happy Day!!!

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!


39 thoughts on “Quotes #3

  1. they were so fun to read and so uplifting! it just boosted my confidence level which i was lacking so thanks to you for this lovely post. Do check my latest post where i posted some of my quotes too.
    Nadia ^_^

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    1. This is a big achievement and honor for me!! It makes me so happy to know I could be of help to someone!! And please don’t thank me really… But I am just so happy, these quotes could help you!!! God bless you!!! Be the amazing you always!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤
      I will check it out definitely!! 🙂

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