Random Rant #3

Uff… where do I start from? I am feeling so bla right now.. can’t name it. It’s just so weird everything happening to me and around me. Umm… I am being so crazy not crazy but crazy! You didn’t understand that right? neither do I! Sometimes, I feel like I am dumbest person on the earth, I speak my mind! and at the same time I’m like “be the crazy, dumb and the weirdest you.”

It’s all just so complicated to explain. I don’t even know what I am even trying to say.. Isn’t that so crazy and weird??? *humorless laugh*. People try to be a smartass to you having the advantage you can’t see their expression and tone of voice. Or sometimes ignoring you.. hahaha.. man if you do that, you don’t even exist to me and I actually did that! And the another thing is if you’re trying to be a smartass with me, I kill you with my dumbness! Isn’t that so extremely weird who wants to be appear as a dumb person. Well you may have heard,”Who always try to be the smartest, is the dumbest and the one who behaves as the dumbest, is the smartest.”

I am so me and I love being the crazy, stupid and weird me!!!! I am so so weird that I am having a problem with a simple thanks too!!! God who can have a problem with that…. But you know what, I am so talented that I surprise myself being me!!!!

P.S. I’m done with my rant for now. I won’t bore you with a long rant… And again I warn you, read at your own risk. It’s a crazy and weird and anything you want to consider rant of mine.


118 thoughts on “Random Rant #3

  1. It was actually something really weird but sometimes being weird is coolest thing. And I am wondering why don’t I write these random rants,I guess I can’t. Because writing might not relax me the way talking does and once in a blue moon πŸŒ™ when I feel like this I just talk on and on and my mom just needs earphones,lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Hahaha that’s funny to me too! High five!!!! 😁
      Oh that I am! I really don’t care what other thinks that’s why I rant without giving it a second thought of what others think….ain’t I? 😁😁😝

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    1. Hello Harsh! Don’t be sorry!! Oh my god! It doesn’t bother me if you read my posts or not! It’s totally different from what you are thinking… really…
      I’m fine.. I hope you are good too with the exams goin’ on… All the best to you!!!!

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      1. 😞😞😞😞😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😞😞😞😞😞😟😟😟😟😟😟😟 😒😒😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩

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      2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why? Already tell me my mistake.
        I know I abandoned WordPress for a week, but it just because of class tests

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      1. That’s a lovely name!!!😊 And yes! Mine is Deepika! 😊
        Sixth sense!! Which only crazily normal people have!!!πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚


      2. No thanks please… I don’t like that word… I’m quite weird like that… πŸ˜„
        Hahahaha… I never knew loving glitter makes you sane…😁😁

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      3. Welcome to the blogging World!!!! 😊😊 You are fun and interesting to talk to!!! 😊😊Hahaha.. I’d love to you as my reader! You’re wonderful!! β€πŸ˜‡


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