Oh lord!!! Not lord, it should be WP. I dont know what’s this glitch… everytime I comment on aΒ post, it directly goes to the spam folder.
I mean,appreciation is considered a spam. Wow! Now I am concerned about criticism, it wont even have a chance…
So, guys please check your spam folder, youll see my comment there…. you know, I need a special attention from you..


127 thoughts on “Spam!!!!!

      1. Umm… No it’s not what you think…. Actually my comments aren’t showing up in the comments section of any blogger except on my blog post… It straightly goes to the spam folder. Like if Ill comment on any of your posts… youll find my comment in your spam folder instead of your comment section.

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      2. oh come on!! no need for that.. everything thinks has a different perspective… so please don’t say it.. another thing is I really don’t like this word either!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜„

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