one line story



“She believed, love was the foundation of their marriage; but his greed for money proved her wrong.”

Hello Fellas!! How are you all? Did you like this one liner? Do share your views with me!!!

Have a happy day!!!


78 thoughts on “Dowry…

  1. Now was it his greed of taking care of his family and putting work first and wife second?

    Or was he just the type to treat every one like trash even his wife because he’s rich…

    On his scrooge mc duck type shit.. I mean stuff…. Pardon my French…

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    1. This particular one liner is about dowry…. In Indian marriages, the groom’s family take dowry from the bride’s family which is illegal in India but it still happens in some parts of India and that’s a shame to say it does…..

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      1. You can do because every one has right to speak πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        If you are talking to me then sure you should do because I love those people who have lot of doubts and confusions like me
        Omg I was not talking about feeling meant to say situation which happen in social environment


    1. True…there are such cases too though less and asking dowry can’t be acceptable. But I have seen cases where boy is not ready to accept dowry but family forces. I think this generation is different. They don’t believe in dowry….this is what I feel.

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      1. Yes I do agree but parent are also going to change !
        I see lot of parent who never demand anything
        This is society where all types of people are living with their different mindset .
        Dowry is still constant because now rich people use it as show off they want to show that they have huge amount of money so they can arrange a expensive marriage

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      2. Absolutely It’s not acceptable but it still happens… I have seen such cases too but you can’t deny there are cases where the groom favors dowry and be proud of it. And if we go to figures, the latter one is bigger in numbers. I agree with you! This generation is different but in what terms, that’s where everything changes.
        It was so nice to know your views about it with a different approach than mine. I like the healthy criticism! So lovely to meet you!!! God bless you!!!!! 😊😊
        Btw what’s your name if you don’t mind me asking…

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    1. I too can’t believe that man!!!! And I was thinking you have left WP again…Damn!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
      I guess the only thing we can do to stop it is.. apply the proverb to our lives “charity begins at home” and then everything will fall in place!!! Do you agree? πŸ™‚

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