Do I Know You? 

Have you ever asked someone “Do I know you?”, Most probably “Yes”. The question is when, where or sometimes, why?

There can be many situations that may arise or force you to ask it. I’ll state the simplest one first, when you don’t know who the other person is or you can’t recognise them, you may simply ask “Do I know you?”. It’s easy and subtle, where you don’t have to overthink.

Situations, like,when you know them but sometimes you feel, “Do I really know you?”. Of course, there can be different reasons for why you think so. But the main thing is, you do and that is what actually hurts or in a way disappoint you more. It makes you question yourself about your ability to judge and sometimes,to your own consciousness. It makes you doubt yourself; am I doing it right or not?, doesn’t matter what it is.

And there also may be occasions when you ask yourself, “Do I know you?”. Does that not sound strange, but yes, you still do. Why? I think, that’s where the meaning of this one simple question changes completely. Everyone has their different answers to the Why. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong to ask this to yourself, but I do know if the answer helps you find solace, you should. 

People Change. That’s the ultimate truth. But I want to know the answer “why do they change? “; why do we have to ask them or ourselves “Do I know you?”. I couldn’t find the answers to these that may satisfy me till now but I am sure about one thing, every question has an answer and a satisfactory one. Do you have an answer to it? 

Hola bloggers!!!  How’re you all? I’m fine and I hope you all are too. So, this is something I don’t do often, “A Long Post” Lol! I’m surprised myself, I could write it, I am quite lazy. Don’t forget to share your opinion. It took a hell of a time writing this. Just Kidding!! 

Have A Happy Day!!!

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!


41 thoughts on “Do I Know You? 

    1. Thanks for the feedback. But I want to know, “How do you know whether they are trustworthy or not?” what is that thing which makes you believe, that person won’t change ever…

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      1. You have to build trust 1st, never lie, betray, even if its hard just speak the truth… then it will all just happen.. trust me once you find somone like that they will never change…

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      2. That’s the problem… it shud be corrected in order to build trust..
        No matter what just say the truth cuz end of the day that is what matters… they might not believe you atm but they would realise it later… regretting…

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      3. Hahaha.. I tell you, there was some guy, who texted me, hi and bla bla… And the first thing that is I asked him, “do I know you?” And the reply made me feel embarrassed, “I am your classmate.” but now I laugh at it..😂😂

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      4. I don’t know if that was a nice excuse, but I told him, I told him that, I have never seen him in the class and that was actually true, he admitted the same, you know one of those guys who rarely comes to college and he wanted my notes for the exams, and I was like, “Wow”…and after that, all the embarrassment I felt, disappeared.. 😁😁

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  1. I think it’s more a change in perspective. You’re so used to seeing someone one way, or assume someone will act out in a certain way. When their actions don’t meet your assumptions or expectations you feel some kind of disconnect. Which brings about the questioning.

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      1. I think it’s once one goes through a certain experience in which the way they normal act wouldn’t quite fit. Or unconsciously a new part of them arises in consequence of that experience.

        It’s a part of them that was always there just never had to be shown or used. If that makes sense?

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      2. I get what you’re trying to say….and it totally makes sense, there’s always a side of your personality that you never show to anyone or it gets out in an extreme situation..But is that the only reason for people to change?
        Apart from this, did you ask yourself or anyone, “do I know you?”

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      3. You don’t necessarily need to know about this side. I think it’s complete possible for someone to be unaware of a certain part of their personality.

        Change is complicated, and because it’s usually so sudden and unexpected it’s hard to say why or what causes it. However in my opinion I think it all come back to experience.

        Yes I have asked that before, I’ve also been on the other end where I was the one being asked.

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  2. People don’t change. Its the situation that changes. And when we can’t cope up with the differences, we blame each other.

    Some people “go the extra mile just to stay with you” those are the ones who justify that – come what may, i’ll not change. And those indeed are your close buddies (and family too).

    Hope i made some sense. Cheers !!✌

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    1. I welcome your feedback but I do have to say, I share a different point of view than yours. People do change, whether in their behaviour, personality or nature. But they do, at one point. Circumstances may be one of the reasons for that change but not as a whole and that’s what I am talking about, the main reason. And as for about going extra mile just to stay with someone, in my opinion, it’s like believing “Sun rises in the West” to be true… But I do appreciate your views. Cheers to you too!!✌

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    1. Yes, you can. Sorry! but that’s not what I meant to ask, my question is, do you really know people around you? I mean, what they are in real. Or, do you think they change? be it their personality or behaviour…

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  3. Human it self a mysterious creature !!! 🙂 . to be honest I do trust at first but once they betray my trust. I will no longer trust that person. I’m not gonna cut any deal with him/her .. But still helping them is a different story. ..!! Yes dheepikaa ,, I’m fine .. Hop your doing well .. God bless you. 🙂

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