A letter to the man, I love… 

Dear Anonymous, 

I know, you are out there somewhere. I just want to say, stay where you are. I’m not eager to see you, I’m leading an amazing life, don’t spoil that. You may have a girlfriend or a crush or whatever right now, I don’t care; but let me tell you, I am your future. So, When I meet you, I request, don’t make me bring out the b***h in me. That’d be injurious to your health just like smoking. 

And another thing you must know, Whether you’re a nerdy or a jigsy or an artist or anything, you’ll have to Know, how to handle a crazy weird person. It would have been easy, if there were a book for that but that’s not the case. All the best to you. And about the qualities you must have, umm..I tell you that later, we still have  enough time to meet. Till then, हम हैं राही प्यार के, बहुत देर बाद मिलेंगे चलते चलते। 

P.S. You’d be a lucky guy to have me in your life. I’m a precious jewel, and I am not exaggerating. 

With Love, 

Your future. 


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