Hola!! To all my lovely bloggers!!  How’re you all? I hope great..  Well now, I have a good news to share with you all. And the good news is, Full Of Life is on Facebook too now. I’ve created a Facebook page, it’d be great if you all support me in this too and like and follow my page. The link is mentioned below.  Please, do like and follow it.

 Click here


P.S. If any of you could help how to link it to my WP account, that’d be great. Thanks!! 

Have A Happy Day!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!


50 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! 

    1. Actually I use the app..there was no video tutorial that I could watch… But thanks for the link, I’ll check it out… And it’s no problem if you can’t.. No worries! 😊😊 Lol!! I will be updated on WP 😝😂

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      1. Yeah you can link it via site and then continue using it on app…thats how it should work i feel. Still a lot of disconnect between site and app! 😑

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      1. I saw that!!! Still under the affect of it!! And already outpoured so much on that post!!! 😊 And not saying ‘thanks’ as im awaiting confirmation for #3!! 😛😛😛😛

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  1. I am not on fb Di, so can’t follow you, But how can I miss your fb page? So I managed to view it!!! That icon with the colorful tree is sooooooo beautiful!!!!!! I loved it! 🙂
    I hope you had a great day! 🙂

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