True Facts. 

You can’t please everyone. 

“LOL!”  People actually use it when they don’t know what to reply or when they don’t have a good laugh. 

People judge you and you judge people. 

If you’re not happy, you can’t make anyone else happy.

People who care too much, always get hurt. 

If you can’t be yourself, you can’t be happy. 

Mobile phones and other gadgets were actually introduced to connect people. It has done the all opposite. 

Hola Everyone!!! How’re you all? I hope good. So, do you guys with me here? Do tell me.

Have A Happy Day!!!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!! 


165 thoughts on “True Facts. 

      1. Hahahaha… No I don’t have a set time either … I blog when I’m in the mood.. Most of the time, it’s at night…. There’s no specific reason 😄😃

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      2. Hahaha… Because you talk so formally… Like just now.. “Am good.” with a full stop…not even an exclamation mark! That’s what make me call you Sir… I hope you’re not offended . I just say what I feel and I am pretty blunt…

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      3. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you… I won’t call you Sir from now on… And believe me…you’re great the way you’re…and I like talking to you… I really didn’t mean to offend you in any way… I’m sorry again!
        As for Distance between us…man…that won’t happen because we don’t know each other that well for that to happen…

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      4. All the best to you Suraj!!!😊😊Btw May I know what are you studying..if you don’t mind my asking? 😃

        I’m fantastic! I was just watching Friends and eating my pizza!!!😄😄

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      5. I’ve applied for 5 universities … Here they are in my preference order- University of Hyderabad, Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Milia Islamia and Panjab University.

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      1. I guess situation and circumstances makes them insensitive. For example there would have been no terrorism if initially people spreading it would have got favorable environment and right education.
        Though the example is extreme. But relevant I guess 😛

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      2. The example is extremely perfect. 😄😃 I agree with you here… Circumstances have the power to change you… And you know what, you can have teaching as a profession, you’re really good at making people understand things easily. 😊😊

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      3. I am glad to make you understand 😊 But I just told by learning through life. I will probably right a book then be a teacher. It is a profession with great responsibility. Can consider it later. 😄

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      1. Hahaha.. I too have such days where I am dull but then girl..you’ve a killer smile 😄
        You too keep smiling and stay blessed!!!!😊😊
        Btw what do you do?

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      2. Wow!! Architecture… You’re gonna build buildings.. That’s amazing!!! 😊😊I’m a graduate too!!! But going for further studies… 😄😄 I wish you get a job of your choice and your terms!😊😊❤

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      1. Oh! You’re not looking fine… I’m going through it too.. But for me it’s people that you miss not the place… And I am sure you’re gonna hang out with your friends…. 😊😊 Now just give me a big smile… It’s full of life’s blog… 😄😄

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      2. I know we miss the people and not the place. It’s like college over and now we have to take a step in this world to compete with others to survive. I’ll not get time to hang out with my friends as I am going to be super busy now..

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      3. C’mon don’t get disheartened.. Just go with the flow…. You’re still gonna see them maybe not as before… But look at the bright side….you’re gonna get more responsible…
        Now please give me a smile… I say cheese😀😄 C’mon cheer up… Kyunki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost 😉😄😄

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  1. So true!!! Specially the mobile part!! Because of it now people dont get to meet and greet in person!! And this is my personal experience – “People who care too much, always get hurt.”…well said Lady Socrates!! 😎

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    1. Exactly! And It’s like everything happening in their has to be put on social media….and I don’t know if people are getting apart or they wanna have a faster speed in texting…(I’m in a mood of sharing poor jokes)😛
      P.S. I’m just Deepika not a Socrate. 😄

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  2. Social media anxiety is a real thing now a days 😀 This is the generation where we constantly have to work on loving yourself and not giving a damn about other people 🙂 I am not advertising or anything 😀 I started watching videos from a youtube channel ‘Infinity waters’ It is awesome and that guy’s speech fills anyone with peace and positive vibes! Long comment because I am extra awake during nights 😛 btw how are you sweetie?

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