शायरी (Poetry) 

Hola Guys!! How’re you all doing? I hope fantastic!! Now, I was just conversing with Shayar sahab and we decided that I’ll post the content he writes and he’ll write something of my style of writing for a week… I know that’s weird but it’s fun! He usually writes Shayari or you can say poetry. Do check out his blog!  He’s amazing!! 😊😊

Now, I’m writing a shayari for the first time.. Please,  bear it with me if you don’t like it…

“यूँ तो उम्र बिता दी हमने ज़माने से लडते लडते,

सोचा ना था यूँही मिट्टी हो जाएँगे, 

कभी खुशी के पल बिताए होते अपनों के साथ, 

तो गम न करते, कि खाली हाथ ही रह जाएँगे।”

Here’s the English Version! A big hug to Jasmine for the wonderful and apt translation!!! 😘😘

“Whilst, I spent my lifetime fighting the world, 

Never had I thought, I’ll end up being the dust like this,

Had I spent that time with my loved ones,

I won’t have regretted ending up empty handed.”

Here ‘being the dust’ means ‘to die’.
So, did you guys liked it? *Fingers crossed* please do tell me…

And if anyone can write the English version then I’d be grateful! 😊

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Have A Happy Day!! 
Happy Blogging Fellas!! 


56 thoughts on “शायरी (Poetry) 

    1. Oh my god!! Really!! 😊😊😊 My happiness has no bounds hearing this from you….😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 You don’t even know how much it means to me!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊


  1. “Whilst I Spent my lifetime fighting with this world, Never had I thought I would end up biting the dust.
    Had I spent that time with my loved ones, I wouldn’t have regretted going away empty handed.”

    I apologise beforehand ’cause I’m pretty sure that the beauty of a shayari cannot be truly captured in any other language. 😃😃
    I tried, though. 😅😅

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