शायरी (Poetry)#3

“ये दुनिया भी कमाल है यारो, 

जहां इंसान पर पत्थर फेंकती है, 

वहीं दूसरी तरफ, पत्थर की पूजा करती है।”

English Version… 

“How amazing this world is,

At one side..it throws stones at you, 

And on the other hand, it worships a stone (Sculpture).”

Here, people throw stones at you metamorphically means insults you or harm you.

Hola guys!! How’re you all spending your day? I hope eventful and great!! 

So, here’s my another try at shayari or you can say poetry… Did you like it guys? Please do tell me. 

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 Have A Wonderful Day!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!


26 thoughts on “शायरी (Poetry)#3

  1. Hypocritic world!! … 😒 … Same goes​ for women too…. At one side worshipped as a goddess and at other violated and abused! 😒😒 Duniya! 🙄
    Wonderful shayri this one!! 👌👍

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  2. I really get mad at my reader for not showing up your posts! You just liked my post, that’s how I landed here!

    And that shayari is bluntly honest! I mean, really! I just read something today and I think I should share it with you!

    “People were made to love each other,
    And things were made to be used…
    But in this chaotic world,
    People are being used, while things are being loved!” 😊😊

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