short stories


“He knew he was going to die…

At last, The chicken was brutally cut into pieces.”

Namaste Everyone!!!!  How’re you guys doing?  I hope good! So, I have written a short tale after a long time…. What do you think about this one? Do share your views with me. 

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 Have A Wonderful Day!! 

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34 thoughts on “Death! 

  1. This is unsettling to me. 😔 I raise organic meat chickens. They are raised with the best care, nutrients and love. Most importantly, they are raised with respect, even on their final day.

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  2. This is the reason for which I have left eating non-veg,last winters but the fact is we can not force someone for doing things as we want them to happen.The only thing we can do is showing em a direction and then its on their will that if they want to go on that path or not! btw that segment was really touching 😊

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    1. I absolutely agree with you here! You cannot force anyone for anything. But yes, you always know what’s right and what’s wrong, life’s better if you make the right decision. I’m glad you liked it!! 😊😊


    1. It is…
      Good to see you back meri choti!!!!!! 😇😇😇 😘😘
      Hahaha… Take all your time…. 😄😄😊
      I’m as usual fantastic!!!!! How’s life treating you? 😃😃


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