Quotes #9

These are by Anonymous. 

“Those who quit never win and those who never quit seldom win. So, it’s better you don’t quit; at least you get a chance to win.”

“Being an adult is mostly googling about how to do stuff.”

“Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything.”

“Life is full of questions. And Idiots are full of answers.” 

“Everything happens for a reason. So, when I kick your a**, just remember that I have a reason.”

Hola Everyone!!!!  How’re you guys doing?  I hope good! So, what you think about these quotes?  Did you like it? Do share your views with me. 

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17 thoughts on “Quotes #9

      1. Recently I went through a phase where I was blamed for what I didn’t do. A girl just put that on me. Having too little trust on me a friend of mine stopped talking and broke the friendship. She thinks she has suffered and she didn’t judge what was happening from this side.
        So everything happens for a reason but she didn’t try to find out. People only think about their own side, not the other in real.

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