​”अपनी फतेह पर इतना गुरूर न कर,मिट्टी से पूछ आजकल ‘सिकंदर’ कहाँ है।” Hola guys!!!!  How’re you all doing?  I hope great and if not you can make it one. 😊😊 This is a shayari, I’ve read online… And I loved it. So, I am sharing it with you guys. Do tell me if you… Continue reading शायरी

Awards and Challenges

The Unique Blogger Award 

Hurrah!!!! My first nomination for this particular award. I’m excited to write this post!!! I’ve been nominated by Ashutosh who’s an amazing blogger and a wonderful friend of mine. Thank you Ashutosh for the nomination, it means a lot. 😊😊I’d recommend you check out his blog….you won’t regret it. THE RULES: Share the link to the blogger… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award