Reply to Unknown…. 

Namaste everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying your day this fine day. The weather is pleasant! It’s raining!!!! And I am loving it!!!! Don’t worry,  I’m not gonna bore you with talking about the weather conditions… 😄

Today I wanna share something with you all…. But before that I want to ask you all, how’d you feel if someone praises you just to ask you for something in return?  Do you feel whatever they said about you was genuine?  I’ve had an encounter to something like this today.

I got an email from a blogger out of the blue and I’m positive, I’ve never heard from that person until now. Let’s just call that person Unknown. This is what Unknown wrote…. 


 Hi Deepika,

I have been following your blog for a while. I really love it, and you are actually the inspiration for my own blog. I’m having trouble getting readers and views. I was wondering if you have any advice? Also, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to shout out my blog on your blog? It would be really appreciated and it would be an enormous help for me.

Thank you!

Unknown said that I’m an inspiration.. That really feels good to hear when someone says that but my question to Unknown is, if I really inspire you then why have I never got a feedback from you on any of my posts ever? Why have you been invisible all this time?  I really want to know. And if you are reading this Unknown, this is my reply… 

Hello Unknown, 

I’m glad you like my blog and it feels pretty great if I could inspire anyone in any way. But to be honest, you’re not making a good impression of yours like this. I don’t know if you are a new blogger or not. But the thing is, I’ve never heard from you before ever and you’re simply asking me to promote your blog…. I’d do it in a heartbeat if I would have felt that you were being genuine but sadly I don’t. 

And my advice to you is, 

Interact with bloggers like give a feedback and get to know them. 

Be kind and be honest in whatever you say to them; that’s what I do. 

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and not take it the wrong way….but I’m pretty blunt and honest in sharing my opinions. I’d like to hear from you in future. Happy Blogging!!!  Stay blessed and happy!!!! 😊

My question to all you bloggers,  what would be your reply in a situation like this? I’d like to hear your thoughts. 

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 Have A Happy Day!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!


32 thoughts on “Reply to Unknown…. 

  1. Hmm that’s a tricky one! Like you, I’d be dubious as to the genuineness of praise/positivity when it’s as though there’s an ulterior motive. I’d probably do similar and give a little honest advice but perhaps skip that they’ve asked for a shout out at first, suggesting instead that they increase their online presence by commenting on other blogs etc first. I think you handled it really well and gave a good reply! x

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      1. Wow!!! Himalayas!!! That’s amazing!!!!!! Wish you all the best for your new session! 😊
        I’m great! Done with the graduation, going for higher studies… 😊


  2. This was an apt reply, I think.
    Considering that the person has never, ever approached you, how can you promote his/her blog? I mean if you had known the person and had read their blogs, then it would be something different. So I guess you did it the right way!

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    1. Thanks!! I’m glad you agree with me here…😃 yeah! It’d be totally different scenario but That person has never made an appearance on my blog or given a feedback before… And most of all I don’t know anything about that person…

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  3. It’s clear that he was just praising your page to get a shoutout. He never reads your blog or anything. I don’t know how can people lie to other bloggers just for a shoutout. I hate these kind of people who just want to get their page promoted by a famous page. I would never promote this kind of page..

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    1. Wow man!!! How did you know it was a guy?… I didn’t reveal the gender in my post…
      And I agree… It’s unethical..and I seriously wonder why and how could they lie about it…gotta give them credits for their guts!

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