Double Celebration!!! 

Hola People!!!!!!!!!  The title says it all. I won’t keep it a suspense 😄 I just have completed one year of my blogging with all you lovely people and made some amazing friends and brothers and sisters!!!! 

 A big warm hug to all of you for being an amazing part of my life and Pizza for some special people.    

Harshiiii     my amazing little brother… I’m short of words to praise you!! But you’re the…I really don’t know what to say.. I just have no words… Puri dictionary hi khali ho jati hai😄….But I know one thing you will be there for me always no matter what and I love you! I love you so much!!!! ❤❤❤

QueenD   We’re totally opposite in nature but you’re the person with whom I can be myself. Girl, I love you!!!! ❤❤❤

Mr. Singla  Man!! I love your Company and your thoughts!!! And you’re one of those who can handle my craziness well!! And that’s one of the reason that we have a bonding with each other😊😊❤❤

Choti  Meri sabse pyaari Choti!!!! The sweetest girl I’ve met!!!!! 😘😘But zyada baat nhi ho pati hamari..😔

Bhaiya  Even though we haven’t known each other for a long time but you’re like the elder brother I always wanted to have. 😊❤

Shayar sahab  Janaab, aapko kaise bhul sakti hu mai..the one person who supports my crazy ideas and be a part of it.😄 Man, I love your Shayari and ofcourse your personality!!!!😊😊❤❤

Khushal  You’re the one who’s read each post of mine and the sweetest guy I have met here. And the one who understands me well…Thank you so much for being a great support!!! ❤❤

There are  others too but these are people who are close to my heart  and who have never left me even when I’ve got mad at them or been the craziest or silliest with them.  And let me tell you, I am not easy to handle. They still stood by my side like a rock…. I have a great bonding and understanding with them. Oh god!!!  This is getting so emotional..so not like Deepika…. I would never do this like ever!!! You know…this girl doesn’t share her pizza (not even virtually!)… But I’ll virtually share my pizza with you guys. So, you may know how much I love you all!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ And A token of gratitude for all those who at a point of time have been there with me and all those whom I’ve met recently!!!!!😊😊

Another good news!!!!!

  I have crossed another milestone stone!!!!! A thousand plus wonderful bloggers have joined me in this on going journey of mine!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊 I am exhilarated!!!!!!! A big thank you to you guys and ofcourse Ice cream or any desert you like for appreciating and supporting me!!!!!!!! 

With my blog’s tag line , I’ll end this post…. “Be You!”

Have A Happy Day!!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!!!


128 thoughts on “Double Celebration!!! 

  1. Congratulations on 1000 followers and completing a year on WordPress😊😊 I am really really happy for you. And I just loved your words☺️☺️ I like your craziness. You are Miss Bollywood for me😜 You have inspired me a lot to be happy. My anniversary on WordPress is in August.. You know I am trying my hands on poetry now..

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    1. Thank you so much Mehul… I have even shared my pizza with you guys just to tell how much I love you all!!!!!!!😊❤❤ You all are my sweet WP family!!! Love you!! ❤
      Hahahaha…. Hum hai toh kya gam hai…😜😄😄 Really? I’ll be waiting to read it then…😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Why will I not… I’m sure it’d be great 😊😊and it doesn’t matter if I like it or not…all that matters is you should like it..don’t think about others.. 😃😃
        Well I can read it on Facebook too but not on Instagram… 😝😂

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      2. Share it boy… I’m waiting… 😊
        Yaar aisa kyu soch raha hai… Mai bhi bakwaas shayari likhti hu na.. Tu bhi share karde itna mat soch bhai..duniya ki parwah nhi karte…mere dost..

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      3. Baat toh bilkul sahi boli. Duniya ki parwah nahi krte. And waise bhi I write for myself not for anyone else. I’ll definitely share it next weak because I shared a post today so abhi I can’t post..

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      4. I’m figuring it out… I don’t know what I want to do… But I’ll something definitely.. I guess I’ll have to jumble out all the pieces again…
        Have you chosen your line of business??

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      5. Yes I have figured it out. I’ll go into furniture manufacturing line. I’ll manufacture office tables and chairs. I am planning everything right now. Talking with companies to buy machines and all.. But I still have 1 year of my college life..

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      6. That was pammi aunty talking… Deepika is back!! 😄😄 maine bataya tha na…mujhme bhoot aa jata hai kabhi kabhi…😁😁
        No worries mujhe bhi punjabi nhi aati.., 😊😄

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  2. Samajh nahi aa raha shuru kahan se karen!!! So many things ek saath! Feeling at a loss of words…..
    First of all congratulations for the achievements! 1 year and 1000 followers is big!! 👏👏
    And i never saw this emotional side of yours!! Loved it!!! (being an emotional shayar myself 🙈)
    What journey it would have been for you…i can see it from your excitement here!
    And next…i cant hold it any longer…..Omg! Omg!!….i see my name in this ‘special’ list!!!😱😱😱😱 😇😇 …..itni khushi to apna naam kisi merit list main dekhke bhi na hoti!! 😁…kitni baar padh daala apni tareef humne! Glad you liked my work! Though i always felt it was contrary to your nature…but you liking them is a big fillip for me!
    I am always part of your crazy ideas because for people whom i like i end up doing anything for them! And though i never said this in detail ever, but reading this post makes me say it now and i dont want to hold it…..i am always motivated by your positivity…your energy..your zest for life…and whenever i am depressed i try to feel positive like you amongst all the sadness and try to ignore negative thoughts and things… imagining that that’s how you would be doing it and i should be more like you because sadness sucks!! I make efforts to be happy, carefree and motivated like you! And unbeknown to you, you become my unlikely hero and role-model in those moments! So all the adulation, respect and praise i have for you and which i often keep repeating in my other comments (which of course you dont agree with!) are coming from the bottom of my heart! I wish and pray you stay the same forever and not even a grain of sadness ever come near you! Feeling blessed and over the moon! And i think i poured out a lot here…but still feeling at loss of words!! Wish you an unlimited supply of pizzas and chocolates!! 🍕🍫
    PS: sorry for late reply i know i said i was going to check it immediately!! But i was halfway through my comment when the carpenter came to fix the door knob and then electrician came…looks like im still settling in 😣…and when i came back to my comment i found it got erased so had to type it all over again! 😔

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha…ab kya bolen!! Happy you liked!! Aur reply main wapas itna type bhi kiya aapne!! Replying to each sentence!! Itna effort….ufff…pighal gaye humto!! 😄😄😄
        Arey ek lamba dialogue tha…jab aditya console karta hai geet ko use hostel se nikaalneke baad ….to kehta hai ki geet ki wajah se hi wo wapas se bounce back hue hai aur har problem ko solve karne ke liye sochta hai ki geet kaise solve karegi usi…go revise 😛
        Btw .. now i realise you are like geet!! 🤔….but I know you will say…there is no one like you! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ab mai itni bhi lazy nhi ki reply na karu…
        Get in the refrigerator, you’ll be back to your original self 😝😂😂
        Oh yeah! I remember now…sorry! I’ll go revise it sir…😛
        Btw I’d say geet mere jaisi hai…but there’s no one like me in real life.. 😜😄😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 😁😁
        Refrigerator!! 😂😂😂 This was so funny!!!
        S-word again!!! 😱😱….i think that’s third time in a row!! You are losing your touch!! 😜😝😛
        No one like you in real life?!! Hmmm 🤔🤔..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god!!! You’re gonna make me cry with this… Oh my god! I’ve never imagined it would affect you this much… And I am overwhelmed.
      Hahaha… Kabhi kabhi ho jati hu emotional… You know… Aansuon ke zariye Aankhen saaf ho jati hai…😂😂 sorry! But I love to throw bad pjs…😝😂
      Hahahaha… Merit list me naam hone se bhi zyada khushi… Ye toh ek dum zabardast compliment ho gaya… I don’t like your work, I love your work.❤❤
      Hmmm…..does that mean you will do anything for me…soch ke jawab dena..hehehahahhaha…
      This isn’t fair… Pehle emotional karte ho fir hasaate ho fir emotional karte ho…And the I’m not always positive, I do get negative thoughts but negativity suffocates me and I don’t wanna die of suffocation….😄😄
      I’m your hero…that made me feel great and happy but give some credit to yourself too….it’s always a choice to be happy or sad…we chose to be happy because sadness absolutely sucks!!! 😄
      And I wish and pray for you to be gleeful, successful and at peace with yourself! And you already know I love you very much and ofcourse your shayari!!! 😊😊 stay blessed!!! 😊😊
      P.S. You’re forgiven. And you definitely were not at a loss of words. 😝😝😂
      And you said everything but a shayari… I want to read a shayari shayar sahab….😄😄

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      1. I know late reply!! Kya karen tabiyat kharaab ho gayi thi phirse!! 😒😒😢
        Haha….i did get affected ‘that’ much!! I liked your emotional side as well!! Rarity has its own value you know 😉
        Ankhen saaf!! Lol….i love pjs..i told you!!
        Haan anything…*which is in my power 😊😊 humne kiya bhi hai crazy things for them!!
        You get negative thoughts too!! 😱… wondering aise kaun se negative thoughts honge jinhone itni jurrat ki!!! 😒…yes that’s how i want to deal with it…. like you do!
        Yes hero!! ..koi shak!!😊
        Oh so many good wishes!! 😁😁 Me not using the T word is a prove how much overwhelmed im here now!! 😁
        PS: yayyy!! Take this 🍬 😊
        Haan humne socha shayri se kya bore karen!!….🙄😛😛

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      2. Kya hua tabiyat ko shayar sahab?
        Ohoo..my bad..😄
        Don’t worry… You’ll get to hear it more often… Because I can’t stop myself from joking around even if it’s a poor joke 😂😂
        Well.. You’re a powerful man….I’m sure.. 😊😄
        I’m a human being too after all… 😛
        I shake hands… That is how I seal the deal 😉😏
        Oh! I don’t doubt that 😁
        P.S. Is that a toffee?
        Are you kidding me? Bore with a shayari… I have never thought you’d say that..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Bas lagta hai logon ki duayen nahin lag rahin aajkal!! ..one after another kuch na kuch laga rehta hai health ke saath.. this time will need a surgery 😖
        Yes looking forward to more pjs!!
        PS: yes toffee 😁…are you grown up for it?? 🙄 …. Never thought? Hehe….i always fear that! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Aisa kyu bol rhe ho….. You have your loved ones.. Your family, friends..some from WP too….
        Sabke saath koi na koi problem hoti hai, aur agar hum problem se dar gaye… Toh hum, hum kaha rahe…bano toh aise bano ki problem bhi kahe “Are! 😨Ye mai kaha aa gayi…bhaagooooo” And I tell you ye dar mujhe bahoot pasand hai…
        Ab batao Surgery kaunsi… And don’t worry! You’ll rise and shine above all the hurdles of life, because you’re my friend Shayar Sahab…😄
        P.S. I love Mango Bite..do you have one? And I’m never old for a toffee.. 😄😛

        Liked by 1 person

      5. so motivating! ye bhi hunar hai apke andar!! :O
        hum to hairaan ho gaye. As usual, i got my positivity dose again now 🙂
        it’s stomach surgery…trying to delay it for now. doc say can wait.
        ‘rise and shine above all’! wah…feeling glad to read each line as always!
        PS: Mango bite ki yaad dila di!! ab khaani padegi!! will get one for you too. I also like those round orange ones too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Ab bus bhi karo meri taarif…. I don’t do well with compliments…
        Take your time but just know you’re get through it successfully and it’ll just be another story that you’ll be telling your grandchildren 😃😄..
        I’m glad you’re feeling glad…😊
        P.S. Hahaha…. Then go get one..😛😄


  3. That’s so sweet of you Deepika. I just went through the post. Reading my name made me happy and blessed to have a good friend like you. Stay blessed ❤ You’re one of the most purest soul I’ve came across. 🤗

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    1. You’re the sweetest person I’ve met here and I’m blessed too to have a friend like you!!! You know I am not really good at receiving compliments but getting one from you means a lot to me!! Be happy!! Be you!!😊😊❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh god! I’m short of words to express myself now. You guys make me overwhelmed with emotions.. But I love you all… I don’t know what else to say…😇😊❤

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  4. I’m terribly late to this party I’m sorry for taking too long to reply.

    First of all my warmest congratulations on both of your amazing achievements, second of which I could never hope to achieve myself lolz. Reason you could was Deepika you are always there for everybody with such a great heart..with posts that make you seriously think. When I read ur blog it’s always with something I leave..never empty handed nor disappointed. I wish you good fortune for every endeavor u make..may all if them share the same success as ur blog, I’m sure they will cos I’m sure u would be as committed to anything u take up in life.

    Again apologies on very late comment sweet sis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg!!! Hello!!!!!! My brother… How’re you?😊😊 And don’t say sorry!!! But I’m sorry because WP doesn’t let me know you’ve commented on my post…but thanks to Gmail for doing that for me….😊😊😊
      Why do you think so? C’mmon…you’re my bhaiya… You can do better than I do…And FYI I’m not being humble…
      Reason you can…. First, you’re you and you don’t fake yourself!!!!!
      Second, Your poems are unique and meaningful!!!!!!! Mine is just too mainstream… I tell you.
      Third you’re my bhaiya and you’re super awesome and you’ve QueenD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄😊😊😊😊
      Now, I tell you the truth… I’m very Lazy.. Can’t do commitments, that’s why I’m still single.. 😄

      Don’t please!! I know you’re busy with work and all…so, I don’t mind… 😊😊
      Btw, how’s QueenD? I’ve not heard from her since two months… Is she good?


      1. I knew I had nothing to worry about my sweet sis 😀 queen d is doing really well..she’s really busy too with work and she has her cousin staying with her these days..but she will have more time when school vacation comes

        So wuts new with u? All good I hope 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha… Yep!!😄😊
        I’m happy to hear that…. But I hope she comes back soon… I’m missing her…

        New would be…. I’m done with my graduation!!!!!!!!! Now I’ll go for further studies.. 😊😊
        How’re you holding up? 😊😊


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