​”अपनी फतेह पर इतना गुरूर न कर,मिट्टी से पूछ आजकल ‘सिकंदर’ कहाँ है।”

Hola guys!!!!  How’re you all doing?  I hope great and if not you can make it one. 😊😊

This is a shayari, I’ve read online… And I loved it. So, I am sharing it with you guys. Do tell me if you liked it or not.

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 Have A Happy Day!! 

Happy Blogging Fellas!!! 


47 thoughts on “शायरी

      1. I never thought like that and I know you will not do that with anyone. Because you are sweet and kind person. Thanks for me once again. First you made me smile when I saw my name in your blog. 😇❤

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      2. That made me feel better… I actually thought I’ve hurt you…but I am glad that’s not the case.😊😊 I may be sweet but you’re the sweetest!!! Bless you!! 😊❤

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