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Hola people!!!!!!!  It’s a great day and a great start to something wonderful!!!!  Don’t let your hopes down….πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

Now, I was surfing through the internet and I have found some interesting and to some extent true zodiac facts about my zodiac sign…i.e. SAGITTARIUS!!  I consider, most of the Sagittarius people will find it true…so, here are the facts…!!

A Sagittarius demands answers, because they’d be happier knowing the painful truth than a sugarcoated story to spare their feelings. 

A Sagittarius will size you up the moment they meet you.

A Sagittarius loves the anticipation of something new because the last thing they need is to be around someone who’s drawn in negativity. 

And last but not the least…. 

To all the Sagittarians… Do you think it’s true? And to people in general, do you guys believe in astrology? Do share your views with me. 
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Have A Happy Day!!!
Happy Blogging Fellas!!!


124 thoughts on “Random Post…

      1. bohot hi nek khayaal hai!! πŸ™‚
        accha to ab hum ghar ko nikalte hain…baarish bhi tham gayi hai…aur dinner ka bhi intezaam karna hai kuch! 😦 … phir milengi chalte chalte!!!

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      2. Oh my god.. You still haven’t had your dinner… Thoda toh dhyaan rakha karo apni health ka…. You just have to give ten minutes from your busy schedule to eat a meal….it’s not impossible…
        Dhyaan rakhna apna… Eat some oats, it’s easy to cook and good for health…

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      3. I have been using a tiffin service but it’s not available for sunday dinner..hence the delay… otherwise it’s on time…ab order karne ke liye pehle search karo, phir menu decide karo and make sure it’s above min delivery price…then place order…so much hassle! Isliye late hue…abhi kiya hai..will take sometime to deliver…apna dhyaan rakhna hi ek badi musibat hai!! 😭..
        oats!! 😷😷…it doesn’t go beyond my throat even if i force it to! 😊

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      4. Secret mission!!…ok got it 😁….and i had a nightmare that i was flying a plane and it crashed and i was the only survivor but with a burnt and disfigured face…ouch!!!! 😫😫😫

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      5. Definitely slightly better!!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
        I am replying before 10 days now.. sometimes within a day too! Improvement to hua hai patient main….dawa ke saath duaon ki zaroorat hai bas 😁

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      6. It’s suffocating!!! Office holiday and a dull weather outside… reading blogs and doing lots of thinking!! Holed up in my big apartment!! 😭…didnt sleep much last night and now i cant sleep!! Thinking to watch movie ‘Hindi medium’ now!! πŸ€”

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      7. Well there is no dearth of thoughts!!! …haha..big from Mumbai’s point of view!! πŸ˜› Yes i did watch it ultimately and finished it over the course of three days!! Acchi thi… except the ending…how was your week?

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      8. No dearth of thoughts…. Ah…a diplomatic answer… Haha
        Three days…. Now that’s a Guinness world record… πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ what’s happened at the end?
        My week….ummm….in one word Boring…

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      9. You got it! 😎
        Haha…in college it used to be 7-10 days…..so 3 days is well within limits! And i like watching movies over multiple days…watching a little and then thinking and analyzing over it…and also looking forward to watching the rest….and that loop continues!! And if i like any movie then i enjoy watching it numerous times too 😁
        Boring week??!! That’s not expected of you! While i was toiling away, i was imagining that lafzon ki jafugar would be having a fun time and enjoying and making merry…and i should be like that!…you disappointed me lkj!! 😞..why what happened? No rescue missions this week?? πŸ˜›

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      10. You know what…i had replied to your comment yesterday only…but then i didnt get back your reply…which was very odd…i was thinking how come this is possible! I still waited till today and then thought to check if everything is ok with you…and guess what! I found that my comment didnt get even posted yesterday!!!! 😫😫😫….wp app is so buggy!!!

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      11. Arey it has been cloudy since last 2 months here…no sun! πŸ˜₯….and it rains exactly at the time i leave for office or come back!!! …i was going to click a pic and send you and then realized it’s not whatsapp!! πŸ˜› Will post some monsoon pics on my blog….

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      12. Ummmm….maybe bored…maybe the people… basically no motivation…need a change probably…
        ‘HID’!! 😱 Took me a while to realize what you meant!! Itna bhi shorthand na kariye!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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