Happy Diwali!!!! 

Hola!!!  Happy Diwali to everyone!!!!!!  If you don’t know what it is…. then, let me tell you, it’s the festival of lights!!!!!!!  where everyone gets together and celebrate. 

Though, there are many things that happens during this festival, be it cleaning, lighting, giving gifts, burning crackers etc….my favourite among all these is making rangoli……because I love to play with colours….. Here’s a picture of the rangoli I have made. My second ever rangoli! 

How do you think it is?  Good or bad? I’d love to hear from all of you….. Happy Diwali Again!!!!!!! Stay blessed!!!!! 😊❤


91 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!!!! 

      1. Aane wale Dino ki chinta na kar aaj mein jina seekh beta….. 😝Deepika ka pitara kabhi khali nhi rehta…. Tu zamane baad wapas aaya hai na… Isliye teko kuch nhi pata….. 😂😂Koi baat nhi beta…. Dheere dheere teko sab bata dungi mai…. Chinta mat kar…


      2. Ayushman bhava putra 😂😂😂
        Yhi toh mai keh rhi hu… Kyaaa hota tumahra….. 😌😂😂
        Soja beta Soja…. Darna mat huh….😝😝
        Deepika logo ki parwah nhi karti.. 😉

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