इश्क ओर दोस्ती मेरे दो जहान है,

इश्क मेरी रुह, तो दोस्ती मेरा ईमान है,

इश्क पर तो फिदा करदु अपनी पुरी जिंदगी,

पर दोस्ती पर, मेरा इश्क भी कुर्बान है।”

Hola, people!!! How’re you all doing? I hope good…  I’m back again with poetry. Do tell me what do you think about it. 

Have A Happy Day!!!

Happy Blogging Fellas!!! 

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32 thoughts on “शायरी

      1. I just took a break, and it went a little long and when i returned, it was all messed up. Everyone was now gone! The virtual friends that I had made, I dont even know if they are blogging anymore… and its just not easy… I wish to have just 100 followers but all those friends that I now miss…

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      2. It’s not easy but it’s life….. No one will stay with you forever….but yeah, we’re humans , we do have feelings….. I know, it’s saddening but you have to live with it….
        Btw are you not on any other social media?

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