07 things every girl should do once in her life!

Hey! How’re you all? I hope good. Life is so short…. so live it to the fullest!

Sometimes, we girls think too much that we often forget it’s our life. So, there are some things that a girl should do once in her life… there’s no particular order..

1. Travel Alone

It’s a must! For at least once, a girl must travel alone to love herself more enjoy her company more than anyone else’s.

2. Get a short length haircut

Ahh… This quite seems uneasy and difficult, but we should do something different and unique and experiment with ourselves. I’ve done this, it’s not that bad.😄

3. Spend a gadget free day

Well it seems like we don’t have a life without gadgets. So, in order to enjoy ourselves, it is a great idea to spend a day with no use of gadgets. Maybe, it’ll be refreshing.

4. Dance in the rain

Let yourself be the carefree child and dance your heart out in the rain!

5. Wear a chiffon saree on snow mountains

Oh, yes! It’s a must to experience something like this. To wear a beautiful chiffon saree and dance on a bollywood number in a -10 degree temperature. I’m sure it’s worth it.

6. Ride a bike

Be the badass and kickass you!

7. Do exactly what you feel for a day

It’s like go with the flow. Don’t stress yourself out for whatever happens and see the results at the end of the day. You may be pleased.

Have a great day guys!!

Happy blogging!!


46 thoughts on “07 things every girl should do once in her life!

    1. Oh wow! That’s pretty great!!😃
      These two things should be done at least once… I hope you do the same soon.. it’s a lovely experience!☺️
      P.S. it’s hard to picture you in short hair

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      1. Haha, well there aren’t many pictures of me with short hair. I cut my hair about shoulder length a couple years ago and didn’t like it very much. I won’t be cutting it that short again for a while lol.

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      1. By that i assumed it’s about traveling for ghooma firna…i have never gone anywhere alone for sightseeing as i need company…waise for usual home trips i travel alone

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      2. Day was ok…but yesterday night got fragmented sleep…had dozed off at 9pm and woke up at 1am thinking it was morning…then had dinner at 2 and then slept at 4….woke up again at 6 and clicked pics of sunrise…then slept again and woke up at 8!! And it turned out to be due to side effect of the medicine im taking! 😳
        How was your day?

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      3. My god! Drugs did their magic on you…
        Don’t even get me started… It was full on drama… We’ve to go to teaching practice and we didn’t get the permission… It’s terrible… Idk what’ll happen.. and we have our teaching practice from Thursday… God save us!

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      4. Sahi pakde hai!!😄
        Diwali….achhi thi… I didn’t burn crackers and I made rangoli, lighted the diyas, took as many as possible selfies…so, all in all it was a happy Diwali!!!!! Wbu?

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      5. That’s great! Selfies 🤳 se instagram bhar gaya hoga phir…🙂… green crackers bhi nahi jalaye? And what about the sweets? Kitni mithai khai? 😄
        Mine was same like last year…alone in my flat and looking out of the window 😔…did click fews pics…have posted…check it out.

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      6. Not on insta!! Chalo koi to hai humare jaisa! 😛
        Chocolates to khai hongi phir! Bade wale celebration packs!! Humen to kisi ne di hi nahi is baar
        Ghar nahi gaye kyunki abhi to 1 mahine ki medical leave leke gaye they ☹️

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  1. I’ve done all of this except 4, 5 and 6. Wearing a chiffon sari in the snow is not on my bucket list since I find it difficult to handle it anyways. Best left to Bollywood to do the honors😀. Fun list though and nice hair cut by the way😊

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