Happy New Year!!!!

Hey, everyone!! How’re you all? I hope you are having great fun with the coming new year.😊

I’ve been MIA for so long that I don’t even remember… and I’ll try to be regular… that’s my resolution. What’s yours?

I Wish you all, all the love, happiness and success in life!! Stay blessed!!😊 And once again, Happy New Year!!!!!!


103 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. Happy New Year Talent ki dukaan!!!! May this new year add more happiness to your bag and all worries get deflected from you!! May you have acquire more talents to mesmerise us all 😀 have a blessed year!!!

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      1. Tv to hum log bachpan main dekhte they new year pe…sab bacche milke…😀 …
        I didnt do anything…office se aake so gaye pata hi nahi chala…phir 3 baje neend khuli to dinner kiya 😟

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      2. Haha….arey dilli wale to sardi to kitna enjoy karte hain! India Gate pe jaake ice cream khake aaiye 😄
        I dont like extreme winters when i cant do anything!! But few things i like ….the variety of foods….leisure time in sardi ki dhoop….the fog….eating peanuts while snuggled in warm quilts….bonfires….i guess im missing winter now!! 😃

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      3. I’ve a sore throat right now… Ice cream toh bhul hi jao😄
        Here it’s like extreme winters without snow….
        I love bonfires!!! But kabhi experience nhi kiya but I do wish to experience it once….

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      4. Arey baap re!! Sore throat is soo painful!!! Khaane peeene main jisse rukawat ho us har cheez se nafrat hai humen!! Especially sore throat!! 😣 gargle kiya??
        Haan delhi side main to near zero ho raha hai temperature….aaj to baarish bhi hui aur himachal & kashmir side main itni snowfall hui hai…sardi aur badhegi ab to!! Be ready! Yahan mumbai main to 1-2 din thodi thand hui thi…phirse temp badhne laga ab ☹️
        Arey you should experience bonfire!! Yahi to weather hai…what is your house like? Do you have garden or open space?

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      5. Nah… I know about it because when I had dengue fever.. I had giloye… It’s bitter in taste but really effective… Kisi bhi type ka fever ho giloye lene se theek ho jata hai

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      6. Yes hopes high!!
        Good to hear that! Kya chal raha hai aur? Sore throat gone? Enjoying winter?
        My day is stressful 😣 need a break soon! So many things to do and im not able to achieve any of them….so it’s frustrating sometimes! Waiting for wheels to start rolling again….


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