कभी निराश न होना ऐ बंदे,

कमज़ोर तेरा वक्त है, तू नहीं।।

English version

Don’t loose hope,

Situations are bad, but you’re strong.


71 thoughts on “शायरी

      1. And you posted after quite sometime too!! But atleast you did which is good!! I need to break the shackles and post something..,,been too long


      1. Good morning! Or afternoon rather 😛
        Chaliye at least you get to sleep! Humen to aajkal wo bhi nahi aati ☹️ …. Do more but!!! You are not being ‘full of life’ lately ☹️….

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      2. Kahan!! Sab kuch band ho gaya ….like a sudden emergency brake put in life….abhi just basic back exercises is all i can manage…that too pains…yoga ke paise bhi doob gaye (full year advance liya tha un logon ne 😭😭😭)


      3. Last 3 weeks se yahi haal hai! Come home by 1….dinner at 2….sleep at 3…and then the same cycle repeats….Zindagi ki gaadi patri se utar si gayi hai…hoping this is the last such week…
        What are you doing? Project? 🤔

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      1. Yes had a 2 day stopover in delhi to meet sis…now at hometown for a weeklong vacation!! 🙂 delhi aaye they to aapki yaad aayi !! 😄
        Btw Happy Holi to you!!!!! 🎨🎨

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      2. Delhi trip was short and sweet! It never seems enough for me!! Metro se ghume idhar udhar…shopping kari…
        Arey haan sacchi aapki yaad aayi…D for Delhi ke baad D for Deepika hi to aata hai dimaag main 😀
        Health is holding up! So far ok!!
        Now nearing end of vacation 😭😭
        You are still caught up with project work? Kuch to post kariye blog pe…been a long time now!!

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      3. Delhi has its own charm!!!!
        Shopping!!! Kya kya liya?😀
        Hahaha…. Are waah!! I’m flattered!!!😄😀

        Koi nhi…ye waqt bhi khud ko dohrayega …

        Nhi…mere exams hai abhi project ho gaya khatam…aaj 1 paper hai…

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      4. Yesss! Dilli ki baat hi alag hai! 😀
        shopping main kapde liye dher saare sabke liye and toys for kids!! 😄
        Oh exams hain aapke!! Best of luck!! Kab khatam hai?

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      5. 😂😂😂😂
        Chaliye ek fayda to hoga….long gaps between two papers! Humen to aise mauke ki talaash rehti thi…saari padhai usi gap ke liye rakhte they 😂


    1. Are waah!! Bahaut khoob!!!❤️

      I’m really glad to hear that little brother!😁😄
      I’m good .. bus exams khatam ho jaayen..😂 it’s a pain!!
      What about you? Entrance ki preparation kaisi chal rahi hai?

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      1. Really? I’m really happy you liked it! 😄
        No worries, they’ll be over soon. Even I was praying a month ago, “Bhagwaan jaldi se 18th March ke 1:30 baja do, or kuch nahi…” 😂😂
        I do not wish to pursue engineering or medicine, so never prepared for them. So I think I’ll just revise and give the exam.

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      2. Haha, I’ve filled the form for engineering and medical both, just to have sort of back up to turn to in case things go unexpectedly bizarre, but none of it I wish to pursue in future. But who am I to say where life would take me. lol
        I just wish it isn’t a gutter hole. lol


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