A letter to myself

Dear me,

It’s been a rollercoaster ride and is still going on. You have come so far…you have truly grown up! You earn now, but you still want to be a child again. You take care of others, but still want to be pampered again. You understand others, but still somewhere, you want to be that obstinate child again.

You have come so far. You were just a teenager when you started this blog …so many dreams…so many aspirations.You wanted to find yourself and explore new things and look at you now, you are a grown up;how did that happen, even you don’t know. Why did it happen, still no answer. May be, it was bound to happen…may be it’s how life happens..

But, what has not changed is the way you are…always passionate about your work , and the optimistic attitude towards everything; the hope you have to make a better world and your ultimate dream, to make others happy. In short, you’re still FULL OF LIFE and always will be.

So, a note to the older self , if you ever feel demotivated or stressed or just down … please remember that you’re full of life, the smiling ,confident and cheerful person as you have always been.

Yours truly,


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