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The plight of a woman


A woman is a symbol of strength and power as well as grace and wisdom simultaneously. She, who births the next generation, is often visualised and considered unworthy of respect. In the ancient times, people had only notion about women; that is, they were born to control the household chores and manage the children. This notion is still preserved and followed in the name of culture and traditions.
Certain criteria and norms have been set-up by the society about how a woman should behave; a woman should be obedient to her elders , she should not raise her voice, or stay out late and so on. Many restrictions have been imposed on her since her birth. She is expected to be perfect in every aspect. These expectations, however, seldom become a way to confine her.

“Why?” This is the question that , must I say, every woman wants to ask to the society and herself. Why is she instructed to behave in a particular manner? Why is she asked to not have faults and be perfect all the time? Why is she often deprived of her basic rights such as education? Why is she not treated equally as men?
In the era where everyone talks about women empowerment, but only a few who actually want to emancipate women. There is still a need to make people understand that women are equally important as men are. In fact, they are the backbone for a progressing nation.

Besides doing household chores, a woman can excel in every other field if given a chance; she can do it all. Her capabilities should not be underestimated based on the gender and should be given equal opportunities to display her talents.

It is essential for us to know the actual status of a woman in our society that she deserves, she should be respected and treated with dignity. She should have the freedom to do anything she desires and aspires and make her own decisions and not to be bound with the so-called norms.

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