short stories

My Patriotism

There was silence all around. Not a single voice could be heard. But, I was breathing; I was alive. I gathered my wounded self and looked around for my sister. We came to the Diwali fair together, then, there was a blast. She went to buy some sweets a few minutes before the blast. And now, I’m trying to find her and praying for her well being.

Though, I was heartbroken, I couldn’t find her, I still had hope she was alive. An ambulance took me with other victims to the nearest hospital.

It’s has been a year since then. I, Major Yadhuvansi Rai, hadn’t stopped looking for her. And, today was one of the happiest day. I got a tip about my sister’s whereabouts. She was found in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I booked my tickets and reached there. I wanted to hug her and cherish her. I couldn’t wait anymore. I reached the hotel she was staying in. I knocked on her door. She opened it and was surprised to see me. I was crying to see her. And then, I took out my gun and shot her in the head. The Major succeeded in killing the terrorist finally.

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