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The Liebster Blog Award #2

​ ​Hola Beautiful People!!  How’re you doing?  I wish and hope great!! And if not then make it. It’s not impossible just a bit difficult…  So, I have been nominated by ihavebadsenseofhumour for this award. I’d recommend you all visit this blog. It’ll be worth it.   RULES:- 1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the… Continue reading The Liebster Blog Award #2



“दिल जुड़ा, दिल टूट भी गया, के अब अालम एैसा,  कि मोम भी पत्थर बन गया,  आैर इश्क के चक्कर में जाे पड़ा,  वो घनचक्कर बन गया।” Hola guys!! How is your day going?  I hope fantastic!!! Make the best of it and Be happy!!!!!!!! My another attempt at poetry… I hope you all like… Continue reading शायरी