Hola, people!!! How’re you all doing in this quarantine period? I hope you are safe and patient with the current scenario… Let’s read these quotes and enjoy our life! “ The past is where you learn the lesson; the future is where you apply the lesson.” “ Every time you’re able to find humour in… Continue reading Quotes


Random Rant

Warning : Read at your own risk. I don’t know where to start from ..I don’t even know what’s the beginning… Casual dating has become so casual that feelings have also been considered casual. I mean… Damn ….it’s our feelings… How can someone take it so casual… Don’t they ever regret it…sometimes I feel why… Continue reading Random Rant

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कोइ ख्वाहिश ना होती कोई रुसवाई ना होती बन्दा बनकर जीए होते तो कुदरत की मार खाई ना होती।। Hola people!! How are you all? I hope you all are in good health. Life has taken a toll on the whole world with the Covid 19. I think God has his own way to tell… Continue reading Shayari


07 things every girl should do once in her life!

Hey! How’re you all? I hope good. Life is so short…. so live it to the fullest! Sometimes, we girls think too much that we often forget it’s our life. So, there are some things that a girl should do once in her life… there’s no particular order.. 1. Travel Alone It’s a must! For… Continue reading 07 things every girl should do once in her life!